Help for anger management in Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset.

Successful treatment of anger management using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Everyone at some time or another may experience feeling angry and may at some point lose their temper. This is not a problem if the anger and frustration are managed by the person, but if it spirals into uncontrolled outbursts and possibly even violence and aggression then these feelings need to be understood and dealt with.

What is anger?

It’s normal to experience feelings of anger from time to time if you have been hurt in some way. You may be frustrated with situations in your life; perhaps a relationship has finished badly, leaving you feeling rejected and confused.

Anger varies in intensity, ranging from mild irritation to violent rage. These emotions then have a physical effect on our body, for example your heart rate speeds up, blood pressure increases, body temperature increases and excess adrenaline is released.
Some people will be able to control these feelings better than others. You may find that you react to a situation straight away, or you may repress these feelings which will allow them to continue to build up. Then you may find yourself exploding in an uncontrollable rage leaving those around you feeling scared and uneasy.


When I first came to you I was really at the point of make or break. My anger had got so bad that my wife and children were scared of what they said around me, my marriage was almost over and I was living with my sister.

Now after visiting you I can see all the bad/negative learnt behaviour I had picked up through the years and now with your guidance I am so much calmer, happier and positive. My life is changing day by day. I’m talking to my wife about moving in, my children enjoy being around me and I enjoy being around them.

I can’t thank you enough. You made me feel relaxed and you were completely non judgmental which made me able to have the strength to
work through my problems.

Thank you so much…..Paddy

What are some of the symptoms of an anger problem?

  • Flying off the handle with uncontrolled outbursts.
  • Violence and aggression towards your partner.
  • Financial problems
  • Controlling behaviour.
  • Road rage.
  • Rages at colleagues at work.
  • Drinking too much alcohol to help cover up feelings of anger.
  • Bullying behaviour.

What treatment is available?

Anger management aggression Poole Bournemouth DorsetUnsettling experiences from the past can also lead to angry thoughts and feelings. It’s important to understand that it’s not people or events that make you angry, but your reaction to them.

Hypnotherapy or combining hypnotherapy and a Positive Thinking Styles course can help to change the way you react to certain situations so that you can gain more control and insight into yourself. Once you can understand yourself better then you can start to make positive changes and feel more relaxed and confident.


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