Anger management problems

Sometimes we all get angry, but if this causes outbreaks of uncontrollable emotion then it can be a problem that creates long lasting problems such as:

  • Destroying relationships
  • Causing the person to become violent
  • Saying things that they will regret
  • Causing the person to feel completely out of control
  • Leaving the person full of regret and feeling guilty

The best way to gain control is to learn how to deal with the feelings of anger before the person feels totally out of control and helpless to the situation. This is where anger management can help, because once you can understand how to change the way you think and feel then you can start to become more in control of your life.

Anger management problems testimonial

When I first came to you I was really at the point of make or break. My anger had got so bad that my wife and children were scared of what they said around me, my marriage was almost over and I was living with my sister.
Now after visiting you I can see all the bad/negative learnt behaviour I had picked up through the years and now with your guidance I am so much calmer, happier and positive. My life is changing day by day. I’m talking to my wife about moving in, my children enjoy being around me and I enjoy being around them.
I can’t thank you enough. You made me feel relaxed and you were completely non judgemental which made me able to have the strength to work through my problems.
Thank you so much…..Paddy

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