Comfort Eating and its effects

We have probably all been guilty at some point in our lives of comfort eating, overindulging and simply just eating for the sake of eating. But comfort eating due to emotional issues is slightly more difficult to deal with. Identifying why we comfort eat in the first place is an extremely important factor in breaking the habit. Because that’s what it will have become over a long period of time: a habit.

Once you have identified which emotions have you reaching for food, the next step is to find an alternative activity that will then also – over time – become a habit. I am very aware that this is easier said than done, but the point here is that it absolutely can be achieved and just takes a strong focus and plenty of practise. Take some time to write a list of activities that you enjoy; it doesn’t have to be anything complicated or strenuous, it just needs to take your mind off consuming excess food that your body most likely doesn’t need. Go for a walk, have a bath, do housework or call a friend or relative; the list of things to do is endless and will remove your focus away from food.

Sometimes there is nothing you crave more than comfort food, but stop and ask yourself whether you are really, truly hungry and whether you really, really need it. Chances are, you don’t. If you have that awareness that you’re comfort eating, as opposed to doing it automatically, that is a great first step to putting a stop to it. It doesn’t take us long to get in to new habits, at which point we start to do things naturally without thinking about them. Cravings do go away if you don’t give in to them, it just takes that bit of determination that you do have if you put your mind to it.

Once you stop comfort eating, reward yourself with little (non-food ) treats such as a manicure, a new item of clothing or a spa treatment. There are numerous alternatives to food and it is simply a case of retraining our minds to reach our goals. If we reinforce habits and behaviours, they become natural to us in our everyday lives and in the long term we just don’t even think about them.

Think about a healthier you; write down your emotional triggers and your choice of alternative activities and from here, you will create an awareness of why you’re doing it, how you’re going to overcome it and when you want to achieve those goals.

Hypnotherapy or combining hypnotherapy and a Positive Thinking Styles course can help to change the way you react to certain situations or people so that you can gain more control and insight into yourself. Once you can understand yourself better then you can start to make positive changes to your life.

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