Conquering worry

Do you find yourself worrying constantly throughout the day, and even throughout the night? Some of those worries might be things you can sort out, and some are most likely things you can’t do anything about at all. Yet they are still there in your head, going round in circles and on occasions driving you to distraction. Your worrying may be stopping you doing your job to your highest potential, it may be affecting your sleep pattern and it can even lead to habits such as drinking too much after a hard day.

Talking through your worries can have a hugely positive effect on you; there may be a solution that you haven’t thought of that a friend, family member or colleague will come up with, helping you to think in a different way. We all think differently, and there is normally a solution to our puzzles- it is just a case of working through your thoughts logically.

Another way of helping yourself could be to write everything down- what is it that you’re worried about, what can you do to try to sort through your concerns, who can you turn to for help? More often than not, there is always someone you can talk to, and just voicing worries can take a huge weight off your shoulders.

If you’re prone to worry, you are probably prone to feelings of anxiety as well. If you can learn to relax, even if it is 30 minutes every evening, then you will be well on your way to cutting down on those worries. Reading a book, watching a programme, going for a walk or run or even lying down and listening to music can enable you to completely switch off and you will certainly feel better for this.

If relaxation through hypnotherapy is something you are interested in, I can provide you with many of the tools you will need to learn how to relax effectively, along with some extremely effective techniques. We will look at changing your thought patterns and breaking that cycle of worry, turning negatives into positives and in turn enabling you to have happier, healthier and more helpful thoughts. You will be amazed at how incredibly powerful your mind is; what you put in you get out, and if you’re only ever putting positive thoughts in, the results are going to be so much better than unhelpful and unnecessary worries.

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