Dealing with depression

Depression is a serious condition and not something that should be taken lightly. There is still a great lack of understanding around depression but it should not be brushed aside or thought of as trivial, because it is a genuine condition.

We all feel down and low at points throughout our lives but if the feelings last for longer than a few weeks then it may be time to seek professional help, of which there is plenty available. Within my sessions we will look at relaxation, positive thinking and learning to turn negative, unhelpful thoughts around into positive, decisive thoughts which in turn will help you to see that you can beat depression.

Think about yourself and what you’re telling yourself on a daily basis. The first step is to truly be comfortable in our own skin and like ourselves, telling ourselves we’re good at something in particular, or we’ve achieved something great. You wouldn’t say negative things to your friends to make them feel bad about themselves, so why do it to yourself?

Many people suffer from depression and it does not matter who you are, old how you are, how much money you have or what job you do. It can come completely out of the blue or it can be something that you have episodes of throughout your life. It may have been triggered by a past event but this is certainly not always the case.

Common symptoms of depression include feeling helpless or worthless, getting upset easily, disturbed sleep, lack of appetite and losing interest in things you previously enjoyed doing. Many people who suffer depression also suffer from anxiety as well.

The good news is, depression is treatable, and hypnotherapy– or a Positive Thinking Styles course– can be extremely effective in your journey to becoming depression-free.  We will look at how you perceive yourself, what you tell yourself on a daily basis and how you can manage and eradicate negative thought patterns. It is actually far harder to tell yourself negative things than positive things and we will look at changing your ways of thinking, and breaking that negative cycle.

Do not let depression affect your life, because it is very curable. You may feel as though you are never going to feel positive or happy again but you absolutely can with the correct treatment. It is not going to happen overnight, but over time we will work through your thoughts and feelings, and you will stop seeing that black tunnel ahead of you, instead looking forward to life, planning for the future and feeling lighter and happier once again.

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