Dealing with Frustration

Do you regularly feel yourself getting frustrated and agitated with situations that you believe are outside of your control? You may be trying your best to achieve something or reach one of your goals but feeling as though you are being blocked from doing this and the frustration starts to build. When we achieve something positive or feel optimistic about life, we experience feelings of happiness and contentment, and feel good about ourselves. The opposite effect occurs, however, when we cannot accomplish something or when we don’t get what we want in life.

The feelings of frustration can then lead to you becoming angry, fed up and annoyed, either with yourself or other people. Sometimes we cause the frustration ourselves, and other times it is unpreventable, for example being stuck in traffic when we really need to be somewhere, or being stuck in a queue during a lunch break. Modern day life does often feel rushed and stressful with people wanting things done immediately and this can lead to a large amount of frustration.

A little bit of frustration and anger can motivate us in the right way to achieve goals, but too much of it needs to be managed by our thoughts and thinking styles. Some things genuinely are out of our control (such as being stuck in traffic) but other things are more than within our control (such as achieving a goal at work), but whichever situation it is, we need to be able to direct our thoughts down the positive, helpful road rather than the negative, destructive road.

A Positive Thinking Styles course can teach you to “re-train” your mind to be able to deal with your frustrations and will provide you with the necessary tools to help you control your thoughts and feelings. The things you cannot control will then become less frustrating, as you will be able to successfully adapt your attitude to enable you to come to terms with this, and the things that are within your control will no longer cause you frustration, they will motivate you to achieve more and push you forward. Frustration in life is inevitable, but with the correct thinking styles and positive thinking we can achieve what we want to achieve, feel good about ourselves and shrug off anything that is not within our control leading to a calmer, happier and more confident you.

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