Are you going to be a dryathlete this January?

Have you kicked off 2016 being a dryathlete and making a promise to yourself to do a dryathlon and go cold turkey on the alcohol for 31 days? If you have, and you’re determined to stick to it, then please keep reading to be reassured that you are absolutely doing the right thing. On the flipside, if you think you might waver half way through the month, then I will try my very best to convince you to stick to it.

It can take years for us to see the true damage that alcohol can do to our bodies. The short term signs such as grey skin, a sore head, tired, bloodshot eyes and a dry mouth are all relatively short lived if you’re someone who drinks only occasionally. But even the odd binge drinking session here and there can be causing damage you can’t see, and in years to come it is very likely that the alcohol consumed over a lifetime could start to become a problem that can be avoided by stopping or cutting down now.

The health benefits of a whole month without alcohol are astonishing. Studies and research have shown that abstention can lower blood pressure and cholesterol , reduce liver fat and lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cancer later in life. Weight loss is also a huge factor in giving up alcohol, as the calories consumed in just a couple of glasses of wine or a pint of beer add up over a week, a month and a year to result in an unhealthy amount of weight gain. Shorter term benefits are clearer skin, better concentration levels and a higher quality of sleep. Getting out of bed in the morning will become much easier, and wouldn’t it be refreshing to wake up without a hangover? No headache, no feeling sick, no grey pallor to your skin; the benefits really are endless.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a drink or 2 at the end of a long, hard week at work, and sometimes there is nothing nicer. It’s reality that we enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer occasionally, but if you can abstain from this for just 31 days, it will open your eyes to just how beneficial it is to cut the alcohol out, and will very likely encourage you to think about your long term (and short term) health. In addition to this, it will hopefully make you pause before polishing off that bottle, or ordering more drinks at the bar. Why not distract yourself in the evenings by taking up a new hobby, make sure you don’t purchase alcohol during your weekly shop and keep telling yourself over and over just how much better you’ll feel.

So for less than 9% of 2016, just 744 hours, give it your absolute best shot (but not a shot of Absolut!!): ditch the drink and become a dryathlete. January may well just be the start of something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

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