Fear of travel

If you dread travelling to different places, however local they are to you, you are not in the minority as it is far more common than you may realise. The fear of travel (hodophobia) is extremely intense for the sufferer, and can be caused either by being too far away from your home and every day comforts or by having to go on a plane, train, boat or in a car. It can be extremely frustrating and upsetting as modern day life involves a large amount of travel, whether it is to work, social occasions or family holidays. Feeling as though you cannot travel can hold you back tenfold, and stop you doing all those things you so desperately want to do.

Sufferers of this condition may find themselves feeling extremely panicky at the thought of having to go somewhere different and new, or it may be the feeling of being trapped on a plane or in a car, and not being in control of the situation. Anxiety, difficulty breathing and sweating are all very common symptoms that you may experience if you have a fear of travel, and much of this is anticipation, or the “fear of the fear”. You may have had a bad experience in the past, or you may just have general anxiety about travelling. However, it is a state of mind and one that can be improved enormously using the correct techniques.

Imagine feeling a little bit more positive about that train journey that you know you have to make, and even getting to the point where you are looking forward to it. A Positive Thinking Styles course will enable you to reverse those negative thoughts and provide you with some extremely effective techniques that you can use before and during the travel. It will also allow you to relax and focus on changing your thought patterns, avoiding destructive thinking and encouraging happier and more helpful thoughts.

Don’t let fear of travelling affect your life, as it is something that- with the correct help and support- can be turned round, allowing you to go wherever you wish and potentially achieve many goals you never thought you would be able to achieve.

Hypnotherapy or combining hypnotherapy and a Positive Thinking Styles course can help to change the way you react to certain situations so that you can gain more control and insight into yourself. Once you can understand yourself better then you can start to make positive changes and feel more relaxed and confident.

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