Give up smoking for the New Year!

If one of your goals for 2015 is to give up smoking cigarettes and tobacco then hypnosis and hypnotherapy can play a big part in helping you to succeed with this. As you will be aware, smoking has absolutely no benefits to your health and can cause serious adverse effects to your body, as well as causing your hair, skin, teeth and nails to suffer. It can also make you feel sluggish, out of breath and generally unhealthy which in turn can have a negative effect on your everyday life.

My Stop Smoking session is a one off session that lasts approximately 1.5 hours, and during this time we will look at what your reasons are for smoking but predominantly how your life will be as a non-smoker.

Smoking is an expensive habit and one that you absolutely can kick; you simply need the correct tools and guidance to see that you can stop and become a far healthier, happier individual. The only thing I ask of you is that you want to stop. Your commitment is key, and if you are telling yourself you want and need to stop, then hypnotherapy and hypnosis can provide the opportunity for you to achieve this goal.

There are numerous fantastic benefits to being a non-smoker, including better skin, fresher breath and a healthier wallet, but the main ones are a healthier heart and lungs. Your brain will also benefit hugely as well; smoking increases your risk of having a stroke by at least 50%- a scary but true fact. The damage smoking does internally that you can’t see is something that many smokers may brush under the carpet thinking “that won’t happen to me”, but why take that risk?

Becoming a non-smoker is extremely liberating and with one session of hypnotherapy, this could be you. Imagine never wanting to touch another cigarette again, feeling so much healthier and saving money you once spent on a habit that was causing you nothing but bad health.
Never think it is too late to kick the habit because it isn’t. Your body will thank you for each day that you are a non-smoker and life expectancy increases as well. Become a non-smoker in 2015: you won’t regret it.

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