Hair and Eye Lash Pulling – Trichotillomania

Effective treatment for compulsive hair and eye lash pulling (trichotillomania), using hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset.

Hypnotherapy or a positive thinking styles course can be extremely effective in the treatment of hair and eye lash pulling (trichotillomania). Trichotillomania is a condition that causes people to pull out their own hair from their body, scalp or even their own eyelashes and eye brows to a point where it can be left bald and extremely painful and in really severe cases people can even start to pull and pick at their own skin leaving scabs and sores.

Often other issues such as low self-esteem, worry, anxiety and stressful situations can make the symptoms worse, with the person being unable to stop the habit.


My name is Lena, and I am a 34 year female. I have been a Trichotillomania (hair pulling) sufferer for more than 24 years. About a year ago I used to pull my hair and eyelashes to the point that I would end up with bold patches all over my head and often no eyelashes left. Stress, boredom, worries were the main reasons for me to start pulling my hair out. The guilt that I felt after pulling my hair was unbearable, but sadly nothing I could do to stop myself from pulling!!

Not to mention the amount of bullying I went through in my school years, I tried everything to stop myself from pulling. When I was 12, my mum took me to psychotherapist, who kept on prescribing antidepressants one after another with no results. After that I went to see a handful of different psychologists but again with no results. I also used to put plasters on my fingertips, sometimes to remind myself to stop pulling, used to wear hats, used to plat my hair, but nothing worked for me. I still never lost a hope that one day I stop pulling my hair.

One day I was searching the Google and came across Robert Clarke a professional hypnotherapist who was also in the trained in Thrive programme and also as a life coach. Looking through the website I felt hopeful and decided to give it a go. Only after the first session I knew I was in a right place…..and after second session I knew I was on the way to the recovery. With a help of Robert Clarke I started to realise that I was in complete charge of my habit of pulling my hair and I was the one who could control it..

Step by step, session by session, I was changing my ways of thinking and becoming more and more positive about my hair pulling. Being in control of my life, my thoughts, my emotions gave me a confidence of being of control of my hair.I can surely say that the treatment with Robert Clarke has not only stopped my hair pulling but changed my life for better. I am now a confident person with a positive outlook on life!

A year after the treatment I m so proud to tell that my hair looks at its best!! I m enjoying looking after my hair, I think it deserves it after all those years of constant abuse! I ended up buying an extensive range of “LUSH” hair products and applying them all one by one!! I want to encourage my trich fellow sufferers to not to wait any longer, but do try the treatment for yourself and enjoy having your hair back !! 🙂


What treatment is available?

If you recognise any or all of these symptoms in yourself then hypnotherapy or combining hypnotherapy and a Positive Thinking Styles course can help you. Professional hypnotherapist Rob Clarke provides confidential and caring treatment for his clients suffering with Trichotillomania (hair pulling).

For any more information about Trichotillomania (hair and skin pulling) or to book a free initial consultation please call Rob on 01202 245020 or 07920 885015.

Confidentiality is strictly observed at all times.