Hypnotherapy & hypnosis

Most people think that they have never been in hypnosis but actually most of us experience it every day. Below are a few examples to help to explain this:

When driving to work or to pick the kids up from school you don’t actually remember the journey you just get to your destination………It’s like being on auto-pilot. When driving on a motorway you find 20 or 30 miles go by of the journey just pass by and think to yourself where did that go …….was I speeding, did I go through the lights at green etc? Again another time you have slipped in auto-pilot mode.

It’s Saturday morning and you don’t have to be anywhere and think to yourself I will just have 5 minutes more in bed all relaxed and warm……..you close your eyes feeling comfortable and warm aware of all the noises around you thinking I will get up in a minute. Only to find when you do check the time again 30 or 40 minutes or even an hour can have passed by! Where did that go?
These are all feelings of experiencing Hypnotherapy & hypnosis.

Hypnosis is just that and nice feeling of being calm and relaxed with a heightened awareness and then using positive suggestions we can help to retrain the subconscious to deal with any negative habits and behaviours you may have. This can then help you to be more in control of your feelings and emotions once again.

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