Losing weight for the New Year using hypnotherapy & hypnosis

We’re all getting to that time of year where we’re thinking about our goals for 2015 and what we want to achieve in the coming year. Many people are now starting to think about losing weight, getting fit and eating a healthier diet to make themselves feel better both internally and externally. So how can hypnotherapy and hypnosis aid you in your weight loss goals?

In our sessions we will look at what triggers your current eating patterns and I will help you to understand how age old habits can have a huge effect on why you choose certain types of foods, and how emotional eating can cause you to choose the wrong diet. We’re all guilty of feeling tired and a bit stressed and picking up a chocolate bar to help us feel better, but if this is something you do on a daily basis, it may be that you are in need of “reprogramming” your brain to ensure you are selecting the correct choices when it comes to food.

Some people are emotional eaters, others eat the wrong foods purely out of habit and some of us are unsure about the right choices to make. We can look at all of these things in our sessions and we will work on helping you to make the right choices, reducing and stopping cravings and giving you the tools to go off and achieve your long term goals.

Slimming programmes (such as programmes using points systems) can be very helpful and effective in the short term, but often as soon as these are stopped, the person returns to old eating habits and the weight returns, sending them directly back to square one. What we need to look at are the reasons behind your eating habits so you can successfully pinpoint triggers and stop them in their tracks. I will provide you with all the tools you require to lose weight successfully and healthily, but also to help you understand the way your mind works when it comes to making food choices.

For any more information about how hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help with losing weight for the New Year please call Rob on 01202 245020 or 07920 885015.


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