Effective treatment to stop nail biting using hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Bournemouth, Poole, Broadstone & Dorset.

Most people who bite their nails have already tried to stop this habit many times before, but for some reason or another the old habit returns and they find that once again they are biting their nails.

Some people go to the extreme trouble of painting their nails with unpleasant tasting concoctions or just using good old will power to try to stop, without any real success.

The problem with these types of approaches are that true habits usually have a strong compulsive drive that will even be capable of overriding the unpleasant tastes and good old will power. A good example of this is cigarettes, which is a compulsive habit where the desire to stop easily loses out from a compulsion and a drive originating from the subconscious mind.

What treatment is available?

Nail biting in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. Hypnotherapy or combining hypnotherapy and a Positive Thinking Styles course have proved to be a very effective methods for helping to change negative thoughts and habits. Just like with a stop smoking session, techniques used with hypnosis and hypnotherapy have proven to be extremely effective when dealing with nail biting.

Within the session we also use some visualisation and anchoring techniques which help to connect with positive thoughts and feelings leaving you feeling in control and empowered.

 Using hypnosis and suggestion therapy we help you to change your approach to your past habit of nail biting, allowing you to once again take back control and stop the habit. Quite often, stress and anxiety can have an adverse affect on nail biting, making them engage even more in the habit. With suggestion therapy we look to use positive suggestions to allow your subconscious mind to be reprogrammed and so allow you to stop biting your nails.

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