Personal Development

Personal Development is something we all undertake throughout our lives, and is a journey that we will go on, rather than one set destination that we need to get to as quickly as possible. We can certainly set goals for ourselves, with time frames to complete these, but we need to look at personal development as ongoing, continuous and consistent.

When we look at what we want to do with our lives- on both a personal and work basis– we need to create a programme, or a plan, to compound our thoughts, goals, challenges and development areas. For example, if you are looking to develop yourself at work, you may wish to write down what it is you want to do, what support you need to achieve your goal, how you’re going to get there and how long you want to take over it. It is good to have a time frame and not leave it as an open ended goal, because this will drive you towards that achievement, and then allow you to plan for what’s next.

Try to find yourself a mentor if you’re looking to develop at work. This should be someone you trust to be entirely honest with you, and someone you can talk to easily, whether that is face to face or by picking up the phone to them.

Planning your development by yourself or with your mentor will help you to understand exactly what skills you already possess, and those that you need to hone or develop from scratch. It will also push you to think about those areas that you may be less comfortable with, such as public speaking or doing a presentation, and whether these are things that you will need to do going forward.

Take time out to spend on your personal development; it is important for all aspects of life and each skill you acquire throughout your journey will be an additional string to your bow, helping you in other areas of your life, or allowing you to help others and perhaps even becoming a mentor yourself one day.

Planning is the key but also be sure to keep a record of all your achievements so you can see just how far you have come. Congratulate yourself each time you achieve something, no matter how small, because it is all part of a much bigger picture that is your own personal- and therefore very important-journey.

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