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Successful techniques to enhance your sports performance such as golf (Help for Improving your putting and golf swing), athletics, skiing, snooker, football, tennis, endurance sports and darts in Poole, Bournemouth, Wimborne and Dorset using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

At Wessex Hypnotherapy situated in easy access of Bournemouth and Poole Robert Clarke specialises in helping sportsmen and women to achieve their true potential.

Most professional sports men and woman have access to a peak sports performance coach. They all recognise that sports ability can be greatly improved by the concentration of their mind and focusing on what they want to achieve, believing it and then actually allowing themselves to achieve it.

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Sports enhancement performance in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset.Having that mental edge and training allows you to achieve your objective, your goal. Focusing on perhaps just taking a split second off your sprinting, achieving that extra centimetre in height in the high jump, improving your handicap at golf, being a more attacking striker, or better defender, the list is endless.

I use techniques that are very easy to understand, remember and apply, giving you a clear vision on the outcome of the sports event – putting you in control.

Improving your game of golf can be greatly enhanced by your mindset, Being totally focussed and positive will allow you to play to your highest potential every time.

Two quotes from the games greats legends of golf.

“We create success or failure on the course primarily by our thoughts.” Gary Player

“Golf is a game of inches: the six inches between your ears.” Arnold Palmer

As these two great players stated, the focus of your mind is a very important part of any sports activity. Being mentally prepared will allow you to achieve your highest level, by getting yourself into you own personal zone.

Other Sports covered

All sports can benefit from this type of mental preparation, and I specialise in help to improve your performance with football, tennis, golf, badminton, martial arts, athletics, snooker, darts, sailing, rugby, rowing…… the list is endless.

Hypnotherapy or combining hypnotherapy and a Positive Thinking Styles course can help to change the way you react to certain situations so that you can gain more control and insight into yourself. Once you can understand yourself better then you can start to make positive changes and feel more much more focussed and confident on what you want to achieve.

For any more information about Sports enhancement and performance or to book a free initial consultation please call Rob on 01202 245020 or 07920 885015.

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