Stop Vaping and quit E-cigarettes in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.


Welcome to my blog about stopping Vaping and quitting E-cigarettes. Using E-cigarettes for many people have become a great temporary alternative to smoking cigarettes & tobacco. The cost of using Ecigarettes is far less than smoking normal cigarettes but the consumption of nicotine is still present! This is undoubtedly damaging to our bodies as nicotine is in fact a poison. Many years ago nicotine was one of the most powerful insecticides in the world and could do damage to both insects and people!

Health risk

So although there are no actual documented statistics about how damaging Vaping actually is to some ones health people may still believe that Vaping is a safer option, but in reality by consuming nicotine they are still risking their health and wellbeing by using E-cigarettes. The sweet tasting flavours used in e-cigs can come with some nasty side effects and cause respiratory problems.

When manufactured they often use a chemical called Diacetyl and this is used to create many of the fruity vape flavours available for people using E-cigarettes. Diacetyl has been linked with causing irreversible lung damage in the form of obliterative bronchiolitis. If you inhale too much of diacetyl can lead to symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and a shortness of breath over time.


It is also becoming more and more an antisocial thing to do with pubs and public places now asking people not to use E-cigarettes…..with the actual scented smell of the Vaping and the left over chemicals being breathed out directly into the surrounding area of other people.

Stop Vaping now!

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