Symptoms of depression

Depression can affect many people from all walks of life and is usually linked to a way the person see’s their life at that moment in time. It can not only affect the person suffering from depression but the people around then such as their partners, family, friends and even work colleagues.

Symptoms of depression can include:

  • Feeling tired all the time,
  • Not able to concentrate on anything,
  • Feeling helpless and worthless,
  • Having a low self esteem and confidence,
  • Not wanting to face the day ahead,
  • No drive or energy,
  • Always expecting something to go wrong,
  • Feeling sad and having negative thoughts, feelings and emotions,

If these feelings are allowed to carry on then the person can feel trapped and helpless because they start to expect to feel like this and can not see a way out of this situation, which in turn makes them feel more venerable and depressed. Over a period of time this creates a cycle of behaviour where the person looks more at the negative parts of their lives and stops themselves processing some of the positive things that are going on around them.

Depression Testimonial
Since I have started working with Rob it has been a bit like a roller coaster there have been ups and downs, but Rob has always given me coping strategies to help me. I now feel much more balanced, focussed and relaxed now.
The best thing that has happened for me is that my children, family and friends have seen a change in me especially in the last month. Rob

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can have very good results with helping somebody who is feeling depressed and low. Once the person who is depressed can change their approach and adjust some of their thinking styles then they can start to gain some relief from their negative feelings. Why not call me today on 01202 245020 or 07920 885015 to find out more how we can help you. More information about how hypnotherapy can help with depression please click on the link. Depression

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