Therapies explained (Hypnotherapy and hypnosis)

Suggestion therapy (Clinical hypnotherapy)

Suggestion therapy uses a light relaxing state of hypnosis, where positive suggestions and visualisations are used to help the client to achieve their goals.

Both the use of positive suggestions and visualisation techniques are enhanced when using the hypnosis, helping you to see and feel the way you want to.

The type of therapy is used to treat smaller conditions such as to stopping smoking, losing weight, relaxation, exam nerves, nail biting etc

Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypno-analysis)

Therapies explained clinical hypnosis hypnotherapy in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset.Analytical therapy is used to discover the original cause of the problem.

Hypno-analysis can be best described as the doctrine of cause and effect. To put into simple terms every symptom (the effect) must have an initial starting point (the cause).

So once the original cause is removed the symptoms can disappear leaving the person free from the effect. There is nothing worse than having a feeling of something inside yourself but outside your control.

Emotional problems respond particularly well to analytical therapy. With analytical therapy we are looking at a complete and total change in the person because the root cause of the problem is removed.

Hypnotherapy dramatically speeds up the analytical therapy allowing you to resolve certain issues that have been causing you problems for many years and on average 8 to 10 sessions of analytical therapy are required.

Positive thinking styles course

This course combines both hypnotherapy and looks at your own thinking styles. It is a way to understand yourself better so that you can change those old unwanted thoughts, habits and negative feelings into becoming much more positive, focused and empowered. Link to Positive thinking styles course.


…..I am so glad I found the courage to phone you and make an appointment – I am not exaggerating when I say that you have changed my life. I feel there is so much I can achieve and you have helped me to let go of the past so that I can move on and stop wasting time with all those ‘what ifs’. Claire 2009   Link to other testimonials

Forensic hypnosis

Another form of hypnotherapy that helps people remember facts and details from a specific incident is forensic hypnosis. You may only remember very basics details of the event but with forensic hypnosis techniques more precise details can be uncovered from the event. For example you may have been a witness or even a victim to a hit and run accident but can only remember the colour of the car.

Using forensic hypnosis it may well be possible to discover the type of car, whether it was been driven by a male or female driver and perhaps even such information as the registration number of the car. This information can then be used to help solve a crime and aid in a prosecution of the perpetrator.

Other areas of help

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can also help with other problems such as allergies, asthma, bereavement/grief, guilt, blushing, trauma, concentration, always feeling tired or nervous, dental fears, eczema, improving sales skills, better memory retention, achieving goals, goal setting, releasing trapped emotions, changing unwanted habits, feeling inferior, relief for migraines, increase motivation, nail biting, having nightmares, lack of sex drive/low libido, post traumatic stress disorder, psoriasis, public speaking, shyness, skin disorders, stage fright, stammering/stuttering, tinnitus or to help increase your work related performance.

More information

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