Weight loss hypnotherapy

What better way to start the New Year than by losing some unwanted weight. Diets never seem to work for long periods of time, because although you lose weight you inevitably put the weight back on and more. This is because you have not actually changed your eating habits and behaviours. This is where weight loss hypnotherapy can help, allowing you to lose weight successfully and then keeping that weight off.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help to shape your mind, helping you to feel more in control of when you eat and more importantly how much you eat. The Gastric hypnosis band combines positive hypnotic suggestions with a structure to also change your eating habits and behaviours, so you can once again be in control of food instead of feeling it is controlling you.

Weight loss hypnotherapy testimonial

Dear Rob,
Thank you for the virtual gastric band therapy, which I am delighted to report is amazingly successful. Although it was such a short time ago, I have lost my first stone. So easy, and I am not on a diet! Eating smaller quantities of normal, delicious, healthy food I never feel hungry and I have no desire to snack. The weight is simply falling away, exactly as you said it would.
Rob, the hypnosis was so blissfully relaxing and enjoyable.

I look forward to listening to your soothing voice on the CD every evening, a little bit of total “me” time.
In fact your treatment is so very pleasant that I hope to have some other habit that needs fixing, so that I can come back for more!
As I said, I really did enjoy meeting with you and wish you all the very best.
Warm regards……Sue

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