Weight loss slimming testimonial

I am 55 years old, happily married and now retired after serving 33 years in the Royal Air Force. I have several sporting injuries that I acquired during my career and was medically retired in 2011. Feeling very sorry for myself and walking with a stick I had piled on the weight, I was in, what I call, a dark place. At 23 stone 5 lb I knew I had to do something!

Weight-loss-before-hypnotherapy                                                                                 Weight loss before hypnotherapy

I scanned the internet and found Rob Clarke’s name and decided that my starting point was hypnosis. I visited Rob for 6 sessions and he also gave me a CD to listen to daily and when required. Rob is so nice, a professional and he made me feel very relaxed. He gave me the tools I needed to start my urgent mammoth task of losing weight as my health was deteriorating. After losing 2 stone and with a new found confidence, I joined a Gym and started swimming and attended Aqua Fit classes. After another 2 stone of weight loss I then started weight lifting for toning purposes and can now bench press 50kgs.

Weight-loss-after-hypnotherapy-Poole-Bournemouth                                                                                 Weight loss after hypnotherapy

To date on my weight loss journey I have lost 7 stone 4 lb and I hope to lose another 4 stone in 2015. I still listen to Rob’s CD as it gives me the strength and belief I need to carry on. Yes it has been hard work at times but I truly believe that Rob’s hypnotic sessions were the start of my journey and his CD is a constant reminder of my goals. I am rightly proud of myself and feel a new person. I no longer use a walking stick and my arthritis, although still there is not as painful.

Thanks Rob for your fantastic hypnotic treatment.


Linda & Nigel Cowling

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